Here at Seljoy, our focus is on creating and developing projects that embody but exceed the usual paradigms of producing albums. Seljoy Productions takes pride in partnering with artists, ministries, businesses and organizations in providing music and media production for special projects and events. These projects may go in the direction of producing and promoting album sales through our independent label or creating promotional material that an organization or ministry can utilize for their lines of business.

The label part of the business breathes a fresh perspective to music by offering an array of services and resources for artists including superb audio production, engineering, creative writers, marketing and distribution for artists and their musical works. Seljoy's writing team endeavors to keep you true to yourself, your lyric and your life ambitions. The production process is thus centered around you and where you envision yourself. We believe that if you can envision "it"..."it" can be expressed musically. In addition, our production of promotional materials for your organization can be as intricate or sublime--depending on your needs for your business. It will be individually crafted for your specific needs.

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