Our keyboards training program seeks to help you keyboard players with techniques to enhance the worship service. This includes assigning the appropriate sounds for different sections of the worship service; sound layering; selecting the right sounds for guest speakers; working with vocalists and other musicians in the band.


We offer music lessons to any age group that would like to begin learning the fundamentals of music in a group session format. Piano, Voice, Drums, Bass, Guitar. We strongly recommend that the students need own or have regular access to the instrument they want to learn. 


Working with prerecorded tracks and stems can be a powerful tool in enhancing your ministries presentations. Many ministries have also shifted their budget away from expensive keyboards and have invested in laptop computer setups that are portable and much more expandable.  Computer sounds, tracks and stems can help to provide addd texture and structure to your musical performances that can enhance the live music in your worship service.  Our training program can help your musician(s) take full advantage of today’s most popular music software (Logic Pro and Mainstage) to bring concert level sounds to your worship service.  We will teach your musicians how to program and setup up MainStage to facilitate your sunday mornings, save their settings for future events and even create custom sets for extra events.


Across the Board also offers the service of providing audio assessments, consultation, installation (through partner companies) and training on new audio systems.  We can assess your existing inventory and provide guidance on the appropriate equipment upgrades for your ministry. We will oversee the installation process and then train your volunteers and staff on the operation of the new equipment. 


We believe that every church should benefit from the skills and expertise of experienced audio engineers. However, many churches are blessed with faithful volunteers who can facilitate a strong audio/visual ministry. With the right training, your volunteers and staff can be equipped with information and practices that can keep your audio/visual ministry working smoothly.  We offer training for your volunteers and staff on the operation of newly equipment or existing inventory.  We also can help you implement and trying you on the latest presenter software to help create impactful visuals for your worship service.


We offer an array of worship workshops that provide Scriptural insight into worship and building the worship leader.  We also equip worship team members and leaders with administrative tools to run the worship ministry effectively and efficiently.