Philios Band Promo video

PHIL╦ćOS (pronounced 'phil-e-os') is a name taken from the greek word "phileos" which means the love of friendship. Our music and our sound is centered around sharing what's common between all of us. We are a collection of musicians that intertwine religion, society, politics and other topics into inspiring soul, jazz and Caribbean music.  

The band is comprised of three members Selwyn Arnold Jr (Keyboard, Organ), Joshua Thomas (Bass) and Shannon Stokes (Drums, Percussion). Collectively, they have had national and international exposure by playing for recording artists such as Boney-M, Dorinda-Clarke-Cole, Montey Alexander, Bruce Springsteen, the Kingston Harlem Express, Glen Scott, Nancey Jackson-Johnson, Dorothy Norwood, The Alliance Singers, The Anointed Sons of New Jersey, Michelle Jane and Ed Maestro.